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PlanPlus Planit.jpg PlanPlus Planit User Guide Table of Contents

The login process with the PlanPlus Planit is simple. After accessing the web site using the appropriate web address; you’ll be presented with a login screen. On this screen you’ll be required to enter your User ID and password. After entering both of these items click on <Login>. This will take you to the Home Page of the PlanPlus Planit. If you should enter an incorrect User ID, you’ll receive an error message that says “Invalid Login” If you’ve entered the correct User ID, but have used an incorrect Password, the error message will be “Invalid Password”. If you have forgotten your password, clicking on the “Forgot Password?” link and it will bring you to a page directing you on where you can call or email to receive a new password.


Please Note: It’s also possible that you’ll access the PlanPlus Planit through your corporate intranet or advisor portal. In that case, you’ll often benefit from a single sign-on process and be able to bypass the normal PlanPlus Planit login process and come in directly from your corporate portal.

In cases where the single sign-on process is not integrated to your back office, you’ll merely click on the link for the PlanPlus Planit from your corporate intranet page and come directly into the Home Page of Planit.

In cases were the single sign-on process is integrated to your back office, you’ll often be required to first search for the client you want to import, and then link through to the PlanPlus Planit. This process will bring through your client data from your back office and populate Planit automatically. Regardless of how you access Planit, once you arrive you’ll see the content will be closely mirrored to what you see in this manual. One of the common differences that you might see on the site you access is corporate branding changes since the PlanPlus Planit can be customized for corporate deployments. It’s also possible that there may be one or more custom training modules created for your deployment that explains any unique or custom features available.

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