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The Event Log Browser allows you as an advisor to view statistics and monitor the use of various functions of the PlanPlus Planit. It allows you to view the activity you have under your own unique user ID.

For a single advisor this probably isn’t too useful, but if you are managing a branch or sales group, it can be useful to measure the activity of advisors under your supervision.

The Event Log browser can be made available to any user and automatically filters according to that users rights to see clients they are specifically assigned, their branch, their region or the enterprise.

When it comes to management this is a valuable tool to be able to see how many times a certain advisor from any branch, has logged into the system or to see how many clients have been added.

The Event Log Browser has been enhanced with additional events that are tracked, like each type of document generated, summary statistics like the % of the customer base that have been involved (i.e. what % of my customers have had a plan generated in the last 3 months) and increased usability.

To run a log to view how many documents you may have generated, choose “Generate Document” from the event drop down menu and then set your date ranges then hit show log. It will show you what documents have been run along with the date.


Under the field “Event” there are many processes you can choose for example: Client Add, Client Delete are just a couple of them.