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The Assets & Liabilities page is used to identify your client’s investments, personal use assets and liabilities, and their savings. Check out the topics in the track below to learn about the various features and functions available for this screen.

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Assets and Liabilities Screen Training

Order Title Description Key Points Level Generic Canada Malaysia United States
1 Introduction to the Assets and Liabilities Screen What do I enter on the Assets and Liabilities Screen?
  • Purpose of screen
  • Overview of data entry required
  • Basic screen features
C Video Video
2 Summary Assets and Liabilities How do I quickly input assets or liabilities?
  • Entering summary assets
  • Entering summary liabilities
  • Entering summary savings
C Video Video
3 Edit an Account How do I change the account type or information?
  • Change default accounts
  • Edit account
  • Detailed account information
C Video
4 Add an Asset How do I add an asset to an account?
  • Expand, add new asset
  • Product Search
  • Detailed asset information
C Video Video
5 Add a Personal Use Asset How can I add a personal use asset like a car or boat to my client's accounts?
  • Personal Use, new asset
  • Data entry fields
  • Liability information
C Video
6 Add a Liability How do I add a loan or other liability on my client's assets?
  • Summary liability column
  • Edit or new asset
  • Liability information data entry
C Video
7 Liabilities on Death How do I show the payment of a liability or liability insurance in the event of a client's death?
  • Liability information checkbox
  • Liability insurance policy
  • Alternative goal in death scenario
2 Video
8 Custom Asset What is the custom asset feature and how do I use it? How do I add a mutual fund to my clients' assets? How do I add a bond portfolio to my clients' assets?
  • All items as custom asset
  • Add custom asset
  • Asset data entry fields
  • Allocation breakdown
1 Video
9 Account Portfolio What is an Account Portfolio? How do I put an account under a particular investment portfolio?
  • Investment Portfolios by account(s)
  • Change Portfolio under detailed account
  • Overview Create Account Portfolio
C Video
10 Add a Portfolio How do I put an account into a new investment portfolio?
  • Add Portfolio from account
  • Portfolio description data entry
  • Assign portfolio objectives
  • Selection and validation of type
2 Video
11 Morningstar How does PlanPlus integrate with Morningstar to make my plans more accurate?
  • Morningstar features
  • Pricing updates
  • How to upgrade
12 Disposition Strategy How do I properly show the disposition strategy of my client's personal use or business asset in the event of retirement or death?
  • Detailed account disposition data entry
  • Created revenue stream Pensions and Other Revenues
2 Video
13 Rental Property How do I properly include a rental property into my client's plan?
  • Personal Use asset (and liability)
  • Rental income in Pensions & Other Revenues
  • Disposition Strategy
3 Video
14 Holding Company How do I add a holding company to my clients assets properly?
  • Add Holding Company account
  • Detailed account data entry
3 Video
15 Beneficiary Designation How do I designate a beneficiary for an account?
  • Edit account
  • Assign beneficiary
  • Preview Estate Distribution Analysis
3 Video
16 Subject to Probate Where do I identify probate fees for accounts?
  • Probate rate on Planning Assumptions
  • Edit account
  • Check Subject to Probate
  • Preview Estate Distribution Analysis
3 Video
17 Employee Stock Options How can I calculate and include my client's potential gain from their Stock Options?
  • Stock Option account type
  • Edit or add asset as option
  • Option details data entry
  • Black Scholes and Constant Growth
  • Understanding the Option Values
3 Video Video
18 Stock Option Report What is the Stock Option Analysis and how can I interpret it?
  • Review of asset data entry
  • Role of advisor in determining exercise
  • Potential value capture
  • Preferred order and years to exercise
3 Video Video
Add an Account How do I add another account to the Assets and Liabilities Screen?
  • Add Account
  • Detailed account information
  • Account and regulatory types
C Video Video
Defined Contribution Pension How can I include a defined contribution pension into my client's plan?
  • Contribution Pension as account
  • Custom product allocation breakdown
  • Or add detailed products if known
  • Balance and savings
  • Employer contribution
C Video
Group RRSP How do I properly include a Group RRSP into my client's plan?
  • Group RRSP account
  • Detailed, summary or custom assets
  • Savings and contributions
C Video
Business Asset and Disposition Revenue How do I include the expected sale of a business into my client's plan?
  • Business/other account
  • Asset disposition data entry
  • Preview record in Pensions & Other Revenues
2 Video
Holding Statement How do I interpret the Holding Statement, and present it to my client?
  • Detailed investment holdings
  • By product type, registered and non-registered
  • Gain more AUM, review tactical implementation
1 Video
Net Worth Report What is the Net Worth Report and how can I present it to my client?
  • Gather information (for review)
  • Shows total assets and liabilities
  • Accessed from Assets & Liabilities screen
C Video
Loan Notes How can I keep track of discussions I've had with my clients regarding their loans?
  • Access from Assets & Liabilities screen or Notes menu
  • Data entry for notes
1 Video
Funds & Wealth Notes How can I keep issues or sources related to my client's funds or wealth?
  • Access from Assets & Liabilities screen or Notes menu
  • Data entry for notes
1 Video
Zakat How do I properly calculate and include zakat payments for my Islamic client?
  • General rule zakat liable assets
  • Zakat formula x 2.5% (if over Nisab)
  • Liability (due) or tax deduction in detailed cash flow
C Video
Education Goal (Life Planning) How do I show my clients' objective to cover educational costs for their children?
  • Process flow options
  • Add objective
  • Tie to education accounts, savings
2 Video
Education Goal (Modular) How do I show my clients' objective to cover educational costs for their children?
  • Process flow options
  • Add objective
  • Tie to education accounts, savings
C Video
EPF Contributions How do I properly show employee and employer contributions to EPF Accounts?
  • Calculation of contributions
  • Employee savings on Assets and Liabilities
  • Savings screen, employer contribution to Account I
  • Cash Flow screen, employer contribution to Account II
2 Video
Portfolio Mapping How do I properly use investment portfolios for different accounts and risk tolerances?
  • Portfolio designation by account
  • Risk Profile tolerance levels
  • Portfolio Objective questions
  • Selection and Validation
  • Asset Allocation Recommended Portfolio
1 Video
Fund Fact Sheets Where can I find more detailed information on a certain product, possibly to present to my client?
  • Access through Product Search
  • Reports vary by deployment
  • Some of the key fund properties covered