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Thanks to PlanPlus and WEA for sharing their material for this Best Practices Guide. WEALogo.jpg

Dear Client’s Name,

Thank you for retaining me as your financial planning advisor and for the opportunity to serve you. Naturally, one of the most difficult aspects of any new relationship is understanding what is expected of each other.

With that in mind, let’s review our new Engagement Agreement for Advisory Services (enclosed). Your Comprehensive Strategic Plan includes a summary of your goals and objectives, a detailed statement of your current financial position (based on the information provided to us), an analysis of any problems and opportunities that might exist, a strategy to achieve your goals, and finally, our specific advice and recommendations to make the strategy work. Our services create the proper framework to help you make effective decisions. Decisions that are made today determine tomorrow's destiny. My colleagues and I will work with you to ensure your decisions on needed action are implemented with a sense of urgency.

Formal "reviews" will be done as necessary. In the interim, adhering to the formal Action Plan Checklist (included in your report) will keep you and me in contact. However, please contact me at any time with your questions or concerns. Also, please notify us with any new information that may impact your situation.

As you may recall from our discussions, I look at the enhancement of your financial well being as a shared responsibility. My commitment to the shared responsibility is to:

  • Do a complete and thorough financial analysis of your current situation;
  • Develop a specific strategy to achieve your objectives; and
  • Provide specific advice and recommendations to make the strategy work.

Your part is to:

  • Provide us with a clear picture of your goals and objectives—initially and as your thinking and lifestyle evolves;
  • Provide us with all relevant financial information—initially, as well as making us aware of any major changes as they occur; and
  • Act on our recommendations (once we have done our part as listed on the next page).

I also see myself as being charged with the responsibility of doing whatever we can to encourage you to do your part, which could even entail telling you things that you don't like or want to hear—but for a good reason, namely to help you achieve your stated objectives.

You will hear from me occasionally just to ask, "How are we doing?" It is part of my commitment to quality service to encourage feedback from my clients several times during the first year, and periodically thereafter. You certainly don't have to wait for me to call, please call me anytime.

Thank you again for selecting me as your advisor. I am honoured that you have chosen me to serve you.

Yours very truly,

Advisor, (credentials)