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PlanPlus Planit.jpg PlanPlus Planit User Guide Table of Contents

Load: This drop down menu allows you to load data about the registered holdings of the client, spouse, their combined portfolio or other which is not tied to the currently active client.

Birth Date: The birth year for the owner of the Registered fund payout.

Starting Capital: The initial capital already accumulated for the investment.

Rate of Return: Rate of income on the investment portfolio.

Start Month: If you enter in a 0 this means it will have a Full Year Accrual and produce addition investment income. If you enter 12 this means there is no investment income and it will begin investment growth in the next calendar year.

Annual Savings: Amount to be invested annually.

Index: The annual increase to the savings amount.

Until: You can enter the age.

Accumulated Funds: Total of funds (in future $) accumulated for the Registered funds.

Contributory Payments: If you would like to assume irregular or lump sum contributions, set the number of contributions and press "Set". Enter a year and amount for each contribution.

Income: Annual income amount desired.

Index: The annual growth factor to be applied to the income desired. This can only be entered for a Target or Flat Rate Withdrawal.

From Year / To Year: Allows you to enter the time period for the payout by entering the client’s age.

Plan Type: The drop list allows you to pick the method payout of the funds.

New Funds After 1992: Applies to minimum withdrawal rates for RRIF's established after 1992


The Graph button will display the registered payout graph and the Schedule button will give you a year-by-year breakdown of the accumulations and payouts. The column at the extreme right gives the current value of the future payment stream to assist in the evaluation of the adequacy of the payout display.

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