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What are the 'unplanned savings' appearing in my client's plan?
• Long Term Cash Flow Savings
• Track additional incomes

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Unplanned Savings is one of the most common questions we get "What is this unplanned savings and how do I get rid of it?"

Unplanned savings comes from a surplus that gets reinvested. These surpluses can come from many different things and within this FAQ we will show you the number different places it can come from.

Investment Income

Many times the clients will have investment and Dividend income they the client is receiving on there open portfolios.

Dispositions or Gifts

When clients have many different incomes that are in excess of income requirements this can cause a surplus to be reinvested in as unplanned savings.

Minimum RRIF Withdrawals

When clients begin doing the minimum RRIF withdrawals and it is an excess of income requirements to fund their lifestyle, this will too cause a surplus.