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How can I manage reviews of my client's financial progress with PlanPlus Planit?
• Importance/value of review
• Comparing snapshots
• Data entry required

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In our industry, probably one of the greatest dilemmas advisors face is being able to provide interesting, compelling and motivating reviews that clients actually look forward to. In the past, doing a review normally just meant that you re-did the plan itself and presented the revised document to your client, highlighting any adjustments in the client’s strategy.

While this was important in order to keep the clients on target to achieve their goals, it often was repetitive and perhaps even boring for both the advisor and the client.

Movie Reel.jpg Take a few minutes to watch this video to learn how you can create client review documents that are engaging and valuable.

Our new Review and Accountability process has stepped up to the plate to address all of these challenges when it comes to doing a review for your client. An additional benefit is that we also recognize the fact that both the client and the advisor have areas of accountability where they are responsible to make sure things happen as planned. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the new Review Process!

Review Snapshots


When doing a plan for a client, you are creating a “picture” or “snapshot” of that client’s financial situation at that point in time. Ideally you would then want to measure the client’s progress between that point in time and the next review.

That is precisely what the new Review And Accountability Process is designed to do. When you create a plan for your client, you'll have the ability to save the data as of that date to use for comparison purposes when doing future reviews. This is done by going to the “Review Snapshots” screen where you'll see your “Today” data presented in summary form on the “Snapshots” tab and in more detail on the individual tabs for Net Worth, Cash Flow, Savings, etc.


When looking at the example above you’ll note that we have three sets of data available for comparison. Since we can’t create a snapshot of data from previous years after the fact, we have also provided an “Add Manual Snapshot” screen where you can enter some key data about the client’s previous reviews in summary form.

Preview Tabs

On the preview tabs you can check you client progress since the last review or even since inception. The that is found here highlights trends and their progress in a visual way.

The Net Worth tab will show you the clients assets, liabilities and provide you with their total Net Worth.