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The Results screen is where you will identify the final assumptions for your client's modular goal, then view the results on whether that goal is achievable given their current behaviour. Take a look at the topics below, which will help guide you through the various features and functions of the Results Screen.

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Results Screen Training

Order Title Description Key Points Level Generic
1 Introduction to the Results Screen What do I enter on the Results Screen?
  • Final planning assumptions to frame calculations
  • Results tab - result of calculation
  • Certainty of outcome - likelihood of goal achievement
  • Planning alternative - create a surplus
C Video
2 Assumptions and Notes Tab What assumptions must I enter before calculating the results for my modular goal?
  • Tax calculations
  • Investment income distribution
  • Rate of Return and Standard Deviation
  • What should you use?
C Video
3 Modular Goal Results How do I calculate and interpret the results of a modular goal entry?
  • Reading the graph
  • Shortfall or surplus
  • Percent of Goal Achieved
C Video
4 Certainty of Outcome How do I tell if my clients will be able to achieve their goals even if their rate of return changes?
  • Assumptions are based on evidence, but never guaranteed
  • Likelihood of achieving goals given different assumptions
  • Reading and presenting graph
1 Video
5 Planning Alternatives What can I change in my modular plan to solve my clients' shortfall?
  • Graph orientation
  • Sliding bar
  • Different variables
C Video
6 Retired Clients How do I enter information properly for a client that is already retired?
  • Planning Assumptions - retire age, edit benefits to exact amount
  • Cash Flow incomes, input or calculate for family expenses, detailed cash flow
  • Objectives - only retirement lifestyle - edit it to be appropriate
  • Savings - empty
  • Modelling Assumptions - no work longer
7 Introduction to the Retirement Income Planning Report What is the Retirement Income Planning Report and what can it do for my client?
  • Modular goal report
  • Results, shortfall or surplus
  • Planning alternatives
8 Tax Optimization What is the Tax Optimization on the Results screen?
  • Topping up to Band
  • Tax Optimization
9 Value of Advice What is the Value of Advice tab within the Results screen?
  • Results, Impact
  • Modeled Strategy
10 Taxes Paid vs. Taxes Identified When I compare the Taxes Paid on the Modular Tax Summary Report to the Taxes Identified
on the Tax Audit Report, why do they not always match?
  • Modular Tax Summary Report
  • Tax Audit Report