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The Personal Information screen is the starting point of entering your clients into Planit. This is where you will enter the personal information like name, marital status, address and you would also enter any dependents if there are any. We have made this screen into a very user friendly tab method to help minimize scrolling down the page. You will see various tabs for data entry.

Please Note: These tabs will vary depending on the Process Flow you are on.

Family Members Tab

  • Select the Marital Status for your client.

There are several choices for the Marital Status here are your options

  • Married
  • Single
  • Common Law
  • Divorced
  • Widowed
  • Separated
  • Married Single

Married Single means is when a couple may want to show the plan as if they were single, and instead of divorcing them or making them single you can choose this option. What happens is the projections, assets and other planning items will only show up as if they were single.

  • Select the Language this will identify the language you wish documents to be prepared in for this client.

Note that this language setting only relates to documents and will not affect your screen language.


  • You can enter in as many family members as required by clicking the “Add” button. You must provide a First and Last Name and Birth Date.
  • The Contact Log is part of the Notes feature. This is used to document what occurred during the meeting with your client. For example date and time of meeting or who was present at this meeting. Once the log has been completed a date will show up to verify when this log was completed.

Please note that any old style notes that were entered for your clients previously will be migrated here into a note type called "Contact Log".

Please Note that all date fields should be entered using the YYYY-MM-DD format.

TIP:When you add a new client into Planit, you should first ensure that you have set your data entry level to the appropriate option. When you select the type of Process Flow you wish to provide to your client, it then takes this approach and minimizes the learning curve by focusing only on those screens and fields that are necessary to accomplish the task at hand.

Address Tab

  • Enter the address, phone number and email address. This is optional.
  • The Country and Province will be defaulted to which you have set in your User Profile. You can adjust this if needed.


  • You also have the ability to capture an alternative address, like a Florida Condo or a cottage; this information can be captured as well.

TIP: If this is an upgraded legacy client and you had an email address inputted in on the older version of the Personal Information screen, it would now be found within the Employment Tab of the new Personal Information.

TIP: By using the tab key you can move from one field to the next.

Employment Tab

You have the ability to capture employment information for both your client and spouse by clicking on the radio button.


  • You can enter the name of the employer, position, address, phone number and email address. This information is optional and you do not need to enter it to produce a plan.

Other Tab

Is a place where you can enter some other information about your clients, like Government ID or whether your client is self employed and some other health status information. You also have the ability to gather this information both your client and spouse. You will see that you can also enter in any government id’s for the children or any other dependents you may enter into the software.


Family Name First - When this is checked off it will place the Family (Last) name first within all the documents.

Formal Name - When you have a Title choosen (Dr. or Mr.), and when you have the Formal Name check box checked off it will use this formal name within the documents. For example Mr. Mark & Dr. Maria Green would show up in the documents. If you did not check off this box it would only show up as Mark and Maria Green within the documents.

Specialist Tab

This is where you can store information about other professional advisors your client uses. For example keep information about your client's lawyer, accountant, tax preparer or even other financial advisors that they use.