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The Long-Term Cash Flow Spreadsheet (LTCF) is an audit tool that presents all of the behind-the-scenes calculations for your client's financial plan. Using a LTCF allows you to ensure that your data entry was accurate, explain how calculations were done to your client, and interpret withdrawal and tax strategies. Take a look at the topics below to review all of the different components of the Long Term Cash Flow Spreadsheets to learn how to interpret them.

To watch a full 45 Minute video on this spreadsheet, which will explain to you in a very detailed video about how all the calculations are done please click the following link:

Long Term Cash Flow Spreadsheets Training

Order Title Description Key Points Level Generic Canada
1 Introduction to the Long Term Cash Flow Spreadsheet What is the Long Term Cash Flow spreadsheet, and how can I use it to better my financial services?
  • Audit document of annual numbers
  • Understand taxation implications
  • Check accuracy of plan
2 Video
2 Investment Income Distribution How does PlanPlus Planit determine the 'Investment Income Distribution' as shown in the Long Term Cash Flow?
  • Manual entry for modular process
  • Breakdown into Growth, Investment Income, Dividends
  • Put into Investment and Dividend Income
  • Taxation - Specific assumptions for taxation
2 Video
3 How are Taxes Calculated? How are taxes calculated in PlanPlus Planit?
  • Jurisdiction specific graduated income tax
  • Taxation of investment income, withdrawals
  • Taxation in revenue and other data entry fields
  • Tax optimization for account withdrawal
  • Income tax splitting
1 Video
4 Unplanned Savings What are the 'unplanned savings' appearing in my client's plan?
  • Long Term Cash Flow Savings
  • Track additional incomes
2 Video
5 Life Goals in the Long Term Cash Flow How can I interpret the 'Goal Funding' section of the Long Term Cash Flow?
  • Outflow of capital for goals
  • Inflation
  • Current to retirement lifestyle
2 Video
6 TFSA Optimization How does PlanPlus Planit optimize savings and withdrawals for the TFSA?
  • Top-up into TFSA based on room
  • Annual TFSA contributions
  • Withdrawing from the TFSA
  • Unplanned savings into the TFSA first
2 Video
Introduction to Life Planning How does PlanPlus Planit help me manage my clients' life goals?
  • What is life goals planning
  • Cash flow based methodology
  • Graduated tax calculations
  • Multiple objectives
  • Auto Model process
2 Video
Income Tax Splitting How do I show that my clients will split their pension income in order to reduce their taxes payable?
  • Setting on the Planning Assumptions screen
  • What, when and how income is split
  • Reduction in taxes payable
1 Text Text
Override Default Withdrawals How do I override the withdrawals assumed by PlanPlus Planit?
  • When it is appropriate
  • Pensions & Other Revenue forced withdrawal data entry
  • Tax optimization alternative
2 Video
Auto Model Process How does Planit determine what changes my client needs to make for financial success?
  • Purpose of AutoModel
  • AutoModel steps for solution
  • Client data gathering and presentation
2 Video
Introduction to the Your Working Documents Screen How do I use the Working Documents Screen? How do I create a document or report?
  • Purpose of the screen
  • Document generation
C Video
What Kind of Documents are There? What kinds of documents and reports can I produce on Planit? Which document is right for my clients' needs?
  • Total number of documents and type
  • Sample IPS, PFS, IFP (overview)
  • High overview of document titles
  • Document production by process flow
  • Refer to Your Working Documents,
2 Video
Indexation What does the Indexation field mean, and how does it affect my client's plan?
  • Alternative to inflation
  • Example of different index (inheritance, education costs)
  • Future Value of revenue or expense relative to rest
1 Video
Inflation Assumption How does the inflation assumption affect my client's plan?
  • Planning assumptions value
  • Indexation default for savings, goals, pensions/revenues
  • Rate of Return includes inflation
  • Tax rates inflate (tax creep)
  • Present Value vs Future Value (discount rate)
C Video