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In this Video you will Learn...
What do I enter on the Portfolio Objectives Screen?
• Purpose of the screen
• Overview of data entry required
• Overview of portfolio mapping

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Portfolio Objectives Screen

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The Portfolio Objectives screen allows you to identify your clients portfolio objectives. A very powerful aspect of this is the fact that you can create multiple portfolios in the system and have totally different investment objectives for each portfolio.

Let’s look at the “Retirement Portfolio”.

1) You’ll see that there are four accounts from the Assets screen that were associated with this portfolio. Mark’s Registered Investments, a Joint Non-Registered account and Mark and Maria's Tax Free Savings Accounts.

2) Take note that the client's risk tolerance is Average for both the client and spouse.

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3) We can also identify the goals from the Objectives screen that are associated with this portfolio.

4) We then identify some key portfolio objectives that relate to the time horizon for the use of the funds in this portfolio, the risk capacity the client has relative to the goals associated with the portfolio and if Socially Responsible investing is of importance to the client.