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The material in this video may differ somewhat from what you see on your site due to difference in version, jurisdiction, corporate content or access level. Regardless of these differences most of the core functions are consistent across all sites, so you'll be able to benefit by and large from what you learn in this video.

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The Administration area is where you can enter information like the Primary Advisor, when they became a client, last review date, etc. These fields allow advisors to use the new Client Service Search to generate filtered lists of their clients based on either scheduled reviews of the financial plan, the portfolio or other events, as well as to find clients whose portfolios are out of balance with the target portfolio by more than a specified % or $ amount.

Secondary Advisor

The Secondary Advisor field is a great way to share individual clients with other advisors. If you were to input another advisors ID in this field it will grant them access to the client.



The Workgroup field is for a user managed virtual groups within Planit that can essentially connect client files across many advisors together to be shared. The purpose is to allow client selection the same way the secondary advisor feature would work, but with an unlimited number of users. If you are part of a workgroup this will allow you to add your client into a workgroup for other members to view. To read more on this please click here.

The next section is an area for the Client Service search feature. To read more on this please click here.


Client Type

  • The client type field is where you can state if they are a client, prospect, test or inactive.

Here is some information as per various client types:

  • A test client cannot be set to any other value

If you client is set to "Prospect" it can be changed to either a client, inactive or test client

  • An inactive client cannot be set to any other value without override
  • When a client is set to Test Client, validation on the screen will count the number of test clients in the current region (or parent based on the logic described above) and will only allow a save if the current count is less than the setting on the region.

Please note that this information can be changed for corporate deployments at a region level.

Task Management

Add Task

The Add Task button allows you to add various tasks that you may have for your clients and provide you with a reminder of that task at hand.


Once you have scheduled tasks for your various clients, a new pop up reminder message will appear when you log into the software. This is a friendly reminder that you have a task your tasks are entered in and if you login in you will get a reminder pop up message.


You can change how often you would like to receive these pop up messages from the User Profile screen. You can change this to either weekly, monthly or have no reminder messages.

Activity Administration

Invite the Client

Invite the Client a new feature where you can invite your client to log in and complete their Risk Profile all online for you. When you invite your client to complete their risk profile, they will be sent an email asking them to registered and login, they will need to create a password. Once this is completed they will be brought into the miPlanPlus software and directly to the Risk Tolerance Assessment in which they can answer the 12 risk questions.

PlanPlus recently launched miPlanPlus, it is an innovative new Robo platform.

To get starting with this new feature is quite simple. First you must be subscribed to the Finametrica Risk Profiling within Planit. With your client selected, you must have an email address set for your client. The email address field can be found on the "Personal Information" screen, then on the "Other" tab. As seen in the screen shot below:


To invite your client to complete their risk profile, you would move to the "Engagement" screen and then locate the "Administration" tab. You will find a section on the bottom called "Activity Administration". Check off the Risk Tolerance Client Access then hit the "Invite" button.


You will receive a message stating if it was successful sending the email.

That is it! Your client has now been sent an invite to go and complete their Risk Profile online.

The email to your client will look somewhat like the one seen below:


When your client receives their email, they simply will need to click the link within the body of the email. This will bring them to a login page.

Once your client logs in, they will be brought into miPlanPlus where they can answer the FinaMetrica's Risk tolerance questions. As your client answers the questions, on the left they will be able to monitor the Risk Meter to see where they are sitting as per Very Low to Very High.


Once they finish answering the questions the system also has the identification of any ouliers, so if there is some inconsistencies with their answers it will ask them to review the answers. If no inconsistencies were found they will be provided with their Risk Tolerance and will have the option to save or if they want to change any of their answers. Inviteclient8.jpg