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The Cash Flow Management screen is where you’ll identify the income and family expenses for the clients. Check out the topics in the track below to learn more about the features and functions of this screen.

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Cash Flow Management Screen Training

Order Title Description Key Points Level Generic Canada Malaysia
1 Introduction to the Cash Flow Management Screen What do I enter on the Cash Flow Screen?
  • Purpose of screen
  • Overview of data entry required
  • Screen feel summary vs detailed
C Click Here
2 Summary Cash Flow How do I quickly enter my clients' income and savings?
  • Summary incomes
  • Summary tax deduction
C Click Here Click Here
3 Detailed Cash Flow How can I enter more information about my client's income and expenses, to help them better manage their cash flow?
  • Detailed cash flow not required
  • Options in amount of data entry
  • Overview of field types
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4 Auto Reinvest Investment Income What is the 'Auto Reinvest Investment Income' feature, and what does it affect?
  • Investment income as savings or lifestyle
  • Capital accumulation
C Click Here
5 Income Tax Projection How can I interpret and present the Income Tax Projection?
  • Access from Cash Flow screen
  • Graduated tax rates by jurisdiction
  • Tax deductions, basic and manual
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Retired Clients How do I enter information properly for a client that is already retired?
  • Planning Assumptions - retire age, edit benefits to exact amount
  • Cash Flow incomes, input or calculate for family expenses, detailed cash flow
  • Objectives - only retirement lifestyle - edit it to be appropriate
  • Savings - empty
  • Modelling Assumptions - no work longer
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Zakat How do I properly calculate and include zakat payments for my Islamic client?
  • General rule zakat liable assets
  • Zakat formula x 2.5% (if over Nisab)
  • Liability (due) or tax deduction in detailed cash flow
C Click Here
EPF Tax Deductions How do I enter a tax deduction based on my client's EPF contributions?
  • Tax deduction on Cash Flow screen
  • 6000 or EPF I Savings, whichever is less
  • Employer Account II contributions counted as income and tax deductions
1 Click Here
EPF Contributions How do I properly show employee and employer contributions to EPF Accounts?
  • Calculation of contributions
  • Employee savings on Assets and Liabilities
  • Savings screen, employer contribution to Account I
  • Cash Flow screen, employer contribution to Account II
1 Click Here
Cash Flow Statement How do I interpret and present the 'Cash Flow Statement' page of my client's document?
  • Main income and savings
  • Lifestyle expenses graph
  • Detailed cash flow
  • Manage lifestyle needs
2 Click Here
How are Taxes Calculated? How are taxes calculated in PlanPlus Planit?
  • Jurisdiction specific graduated income tax
  • Taxation of investment income, withdrawals
  • Taxation in revenue and other data entry fields
  • Tax optimization for account withdrawal
  • Income tax splitting
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