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How can I upload my client information and accounts from a back office system into PlanPlus Planit?
• Time saving feature
• Corporate instructions
• Dataphile, 910/Univeris, Creosus, RPM, Pershing

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Integration with a back office will help simplify your life by allowing you to make an automated import of your clients, accounts, product data and much more. This integration feature will be a huge time saver for you in creating client financial planning reports.

Within Planit we have several integration options available to you, to read more on how to perform an upload of your client data please click the link below for the type of upload you are trying to perform.

Importing Clients Through a Corporation Deployment

Data Integration For Corporate Clients

Dataphile Export

Upload Dataphile Export


Upload 910

Croesus Import

Croesus Import


Upload RPM

Pershing Integration

Pershing Integration