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How do I calculate the coverage my client would need for long term care expenses?
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The Long Term Care Calculator helps you identify the amount of Long Term Care insurance that may be required in order to protect your client's estate from the erosion caused by future long-term care expenses. The calculations allow you to see the future value and present value of the estate erosion caused with no coverage or with coverage of a specified percentage. It also shows how capital erosion can be totally eliminated with 100% coverage. This calculator takes into consideration both a period of home care and a period of facility care starting at the ages you select.


You can enter your estimated home care coverage along with the facility coverage. Once you are happy with all the data you have inputted in you may hit the “Calculate” button. Your results will be displayed to the screen you will see three scenarios:

  1. If you take out no insurance.
  2. If you insure for 50% of the cost
  3. If you get 100% insurance.