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How do I see the historical value of the different indices used for Planit asset allocations?
• Why would you use this?
• Historical annual vs cumulative
• Calculator data entry and use

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This calculator will show the year-by-year values of four major indices. The indices are the same ones as you using for the asset allocation component (i.e., Inflation, Cash, Fixed Income and Equities).


You can also see the result of a Custom Mix by selecting any combination of the investment indices you desire, or displaying the current or target mix of the currently active client. To select the indices to display, click to check off the appropriate check box.

Under the Display section will let you display the Annual Return or the result of investing a specified amount in the Start Year and calculating the Cumulative return up to and including the End Year.

The data available is from 1950 to 2010. The Start Year and End Year must be in this range. If you have insufficient data for an index, the range will be limited to the period available.

Initial Investment: is the amount invested in the Start Year to calculate the Cumulative return.

The Graph button will display a graph of the selected indices.

The Schedule button will display the results of the illustration in a PDF format.